BrimG&H is the culmination of over thirty (30) years fluid system component supply.

Started by Brian Mulvihill, Brim Pumps and Systems managed a sales network in Canada for the Roper Pump Co. Brian crossed the country working with distributors specifying the proper pumps for the application. Although BrimG&H does not handle the Roper line presently, we still receive calls inquiring about the many applications Brian worked on.

cutaway accumulator 150x249Brim Pumps also handled a complementary line to the Roper pumps, Fawcett Christie Hydraulic accumulators. Hydraulic accumulators can be a source of kinetic energy used to assist a system's main pump to make up for an oil shortage on one or perhaps two functions within the sequence of demands the circuit requires. The accumulator is then charged back up to capacity by drawing excess oil flow produced by the pump during the balance of circuit demands in preparation for the next circuit sequence.

Accumulators can also be a circuit stabilizer by helping to minimize the turbulence created by the systems pump. This helps reduce pump noise and keep the system pressure more linear as circuits can experience pressure drops and spikes during its cycle. These are just a few hydraulic applications for an accumulator.

But wait, there is another side to what an accumulator can do!

Fluid systems also require protection from line shock during emergency shut downs and pump start-ups to prevent catastrophic failure of the piping systems. Columns of fluid moving at high rates of speed will destroy plumbing if not protected by a means to absorb those surges. The accumulator, when sized correctly as either a single unit or in a bank, can absorb those surges by dampening the energy created and returning/maintaining the circuit at its design pressure. Brim Pumps and Systems utilized this capability of accumulators when designing pump circuits.

refrax pump 150x226G&H Fluid Handling Products Inc. was another company in the family under the Brim Pump umbrella. G&H was set-up to a sell a pump line of the same name. The “G&H pump is a positive displacement pump designed to handle a wide range of stable (non-flammable) viscus fluids". By understanding the needs of the circuit (e.g. flow requirements, fluid viscosity, cleanliness and temperature), G&H was able to establish a market outside of Canada in a number marine, mobile and industrial applications. G&H pumps are still used to this day for applicaltions like below-deck dirty oil evacuation, fuel systems for furnace boiler feeds and many more.

In 2007 Brim Pumps and Systems and G&H Fluid Handling Products Inc. were merged together to become BrimG&H Fluid Handling Products Inc. (Simply referred to as “BrimG&H”). Since that time, our product lines and service offereings have expanded to meet our business objective of providing high quality, fluid handling solutions for a broad range of industrial applications that improve the efficiency and safety of the fluid circuits used by our clientel.

BrimG&H offers a complete “pump-to-function” fluid component supply to meet your circuit requirements. We offer components for new and existing circuits, design for complete circuits or new extensions and trouble shooting and on site installation, service or repair.

Over 30 years of experience has helped BrimG&H assemble the right variety of products to assist your company in the safe and efficient operation of your fluid circuitry.