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Brim G&H is now ISO certified.

Brim G&H is proud to announce that our company has attained ISO 9001:2015 Certification effective January 01, 2019.

Brim G&H is now fully qualified to re-certify OLAER accumulators in use on naval vessels. As such, we are now the Canadian service organization authorized to perform "Level 1" Re-Certification of Olaer Accumulators in use on Canadian Navy vessels, both surface and submarine. This service meets Pressure System Safety Regulation (PSSR) 2000 for Gas Loaded Accumulators and complies with Canadian Navy (Submarine Section) Statement of Quality Requirements (SOQR) guidance as specified by DMEPM (DND).

This service is equally applicable to other fleets and navies as well as fixed installations in other industries.

For more information, please contact Brim G&H at 1-877-202-5522.