Hydraulic Accumulators

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Brim G&H has been specifying accumulators for over thirty years and specializes in European style accumulators mainly in use within Canada. These accumulators are commonly found in Military, (Navy and Army), Oil & Gas, Sub-Sea Oil & Gas, Nuclear, Industrial and Mobile industries in a variety of applications (see our article Why Use an Accumulator?).

We provide custom application designing services, accumulator sizing for new and existing applications and accumulator installation/maintenance services.Product range includes:

  • Standard bladder accumulators;
  • Diaphragm accumulators;
  • Piston accumulators;
  • High pressure accumulators;
  • Stainless steel accumulators;

As well as – Transfer barriers, shock alleviators, hydra-cushions, pulsation dampers, high frequency pulse attenuators and flexible separators (to help keep air born dust contamination in the reservoir).

Utilized for maximum safety and convenience during installation into the system, all models comply with international safety standards and are CE marked.

Accumulator Accessories:

  • Bladders,
  • Anti-extrusion Ring kits for a wide range of gas port configurations (Euro approved design, Schrader style North American 0.302 x 32 thread configuration) and fluid port configurations (Female threads-BSP, Metric, NPT and SAE)
  • Safety block fluid port control valves (mounted directly on to the fluid port for remote or local control (up, down or both) of the fluid stream in the circuit)
  • Tool kits for accumulator service by qualified technicians
  • Fluid port adapters to add even more fluid connection options

Clamps and mounting brackets are available for ease of and proper installation of the accumulator. Units are specially fabricated of mild steel, plated to customer specification (if required) with rubber extrusions attached where the accumulator sits to protect the coatings on the accumulator

Brim G&H can offer custom fabricated stands for banks of accumulators. We will engineer, design and fabricate the stands to your unique requirements.

We also offer a full range of gas pre-charging equipment to facilitate the safe operation of accumulators.
This includes: charging sets and nitrogen pressure regulating valves complete with a selection of adapters to accommodate a wide range of gas valve designs.

Accumulator Maintenance ServiceDiaphramAccumulators

Qualified technicians perform hands on service in our state of the art facility located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Our Engineering department:

  • Oversees and documents the accumulator when it arrives and ensures that the unit has no hidden stored energy;
  • Oversees and documents the dis-assembly of the unit;
  • Inspects all components to evaluate what can be re-used and what requires replacement;
  • Oversees and arranges for all "witnessed" inspections; and
  • Services the accumulator up to meet all local certification requirements.

All new and re-built accumulators come with all CofC (Certificate of Conformance) documentation.


As a distributor for Wika Instruments, Brim G&H is able to offer a complete line of circuit performance instrumentation either direct mount or remote. Wika offers dial style and digital display, capillary and digital remote connection, along with pressure transducers with a variety of connection styles available.

Re-Certification Process – Olaer Accumulators

Brim G&H offers "Level 1” re-certification of Olaer hydraulic accumulators for Canadian Military applications in both surface and sub-surface ship fluid systems.This service meets Pressure System Safety Regulation (PSSR) 2000 for Gas Loaded Accumulators and complies with Canadian Navy (Submarine Section) Statement of Quality Requirements (SOQR) guidance as specified by DMEPM (DND).

The re-certification process includes:

  • Complete dis-assembly and visual inspection;
  • Shell pressurization testing for tolerance verification;
  • Fluid port component inspection to determine:
    • Poppet and seat condition; and
    • Spring force verification to ensure proper closure.
  • Dye penetration testing of all metal components (reveals hidden cracks just below the surface caused primarily by metal fatigue due to constant pressure fluctuation);
  • Replacing all elastomer components in accordance with "Level 1” procedure;
  • Complete coating services for both the shell interior and exterior (epoxy, special “rust-inhibitor" coatings). Coatings are applied and verified to the specification(s) requested. (Military "Level 1”, off-shore oil & gas specifications, Nuclear “U” stamp specifications and/or Mobile/Industrial specifications);
  • All test results, component replacements and corrections are duly recorded in the full document set provided based on the required specification. New component documentation and verified copies of existing documentation (when a component or a procedure to a component is exercised) may also be included;
  • Accumulators are then re-assembled and subjected to full hydro/pneumatic testing using “Lloyds witness certification process” up to full operating pressures.

Accumulators are then de-pressurized in accordance with factory approved procedures, packaged, labelled (in accordance with customer’s specifications) and returned.


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